Accelerated Courses in Master’s in Higher Education Administration Online

olweb1411_mahea-facebook2-publish11314In response to student interest, the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville will be piloting an accelerated curriculum for the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration online program. Students will have the opportunity to enroll in a select few graduate courses delivered in an 8-week accelerated format beginning in Spring 2017. This pilot program is available to all students interested in experimenting with this format, including active duty military.

The main benefit of the accelerated courses is that students will be able to focus on one course at the time. These courses will cover the same materials and have the same learning outcomes as the traditional 16-week courses and will be offered in two terms within the semester, January 9 – March 3 and March 6 – April 28.

Accelerated Courses Available:

  • Legal Issues in Postsecondary Education (ELFH 680-50)
  • Resource Management in Postsecondary Education (ELFH 684-50; ELFH 684-51; ELFH 684-52; ELFH 684-53)
  • Diversity in Higher Education (ELFH 694-50; ELFH 694-51; ELFH 694-52, ELFH 694-55)

For federal financial aid purposes, students must be enrolled in both terms, for the entire 16 weeks. Grades for the first accelerated term will not be officially posted on transcripts until the end of the regular academic semester (after May 2, 2017), but students may receive information about grades from the instructor following the conclusion of a first accelerated term/class.

Optional weekend meetings will be available for two of the courses, Resource Management and Diversity in Higher Education, to allow students to further accelerate their studies by completing much of the course content over one weekend. The weekend meetings will be offered via videoconference as well as in person at the University of Louisville Belknap Campus.

This semester-long pilot program will allow the Higher Education Administration online program team to evaluate the demand, student outcomes and effectiveness of the accelerated courses and formulate a strategy for opening this opportunity to more courses and online programs offered within the College of Education and Human Development at UofL.

For more information about deadlines and the synchronous weekend meetings, visit the College of Education and Human Development website.  To learn more about the Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration online program, visit our website.