Online Educator Honored Among UofL Top Faculty Favorites

Roman Yampolskiy

Roman Yampolskiy

There is no denying that the professional rapport formed between college educators and their students is of paramount importance both to learning and to the attainment of educational goals. The acclaimed and diverse online degree programs at the University of Louisville allow students to both learn and interact with their professors and classmates, regardless of geographic location. These online classrooms utilize cutting-edge software, allowing maximum levels of interaction and a strong sense of campus community to be built amongst online students. With current technology, online educators at UofL are able to inspire their students in much the same way as their traditional counterparts, leading to students nominating their online educators for the annual campus “Faculty Favorites” list.

Assistant professor Dr. Roman Yampolskiy, who teaches computer science courses at the Speed School of Engineering, and has had his research widely published, has now been recognized by his online students as both a Professor of the Year as well as a Faculty Favorite for several years running. Yampolskiy himself strives to bring the very best in tools and educational experiences to his online students. He recognizes the value in his online classroom and makes sure to treat his students as human beings, not just as names on a screen.

According to one of the students who nominated Yampolskiy for his Top Four placement among the Faulty Favorites, Yampolskiy was “very available to students with questions.” Other students commended his approachability, intelligence, passion for education, open-mindedness and his ability to inject humor into some of the more ‘dry’ subject matters. One thing is abundantly clear from all of the student nominations – Dr. Yampolskiy knows his students, and his students know and respect him, regardless of the fact that many have never met him face to face.

The quality of online instruction from the award-winning faculty at the University of Louisville truly speaks to the level of education being offered. When online students are able to feel as passionately about their professors as traditional students do, the online campus community is clearly not just existing, but thriving. With the diverse and nationally ranked online programs available to choose from, prospective students can rest easy in their decision to pursue degrees online. The quality of an online education from UofL shines through the dedicated faculty and staff, like Dr. Yampolskiy, who tirelessly work to build and solidify a sense of true community via the virtual classroom.

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