A Monster Under the Bed – The Hidden Fees in Online Nursing Programs

Pursuing a college degree is one of the most important decisions in one’s life and can be one of the largest investments. When dealing with college affordability and the cost of earning a college education, hidden fees can truly be the feared monster under the bed. The extra, unplanned or out-of-pocket expenses can interfere with students’ ability to successfully complete their program of study and can also deter employers from providing integral tuition assistance.

As the healthcare industry continues to grow and to require properly credentialed workforce, more colleges are joining the trend of offering nursing programs and courses online. In an effort to gain a competitive edge, some schools create an artificial affordability perception by only disclosing the tuition rate per credit hour and leaving out the additional charges for use of technology, convenience or online learning platform access. Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult for future students to navigate through schools’ websites, with their ambiguous or cryptic marketing jargon, in order to find the true cost of specific degree programs.

That is not the case at the University of Louisville (UofL), an accredited, nationally recognized, research university that has built a rich history of collegiate excellence. In the healthcare realm, UofL has always been at the forefront in educating medical professionals, not just simply to perform their jobs, but to excel at their careers and prepare to become leaders in their organizations, both now and into the future.

UofL’s School of Nursing offers highly competitive and quality programs, including the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing delivered completely online, that are 100% free of hidden fees. At UofL, the published tuition rates represent the actual cost for the programs (plus books), clearly disclosed up front. There are no additional technology, convenience, lab, library, online learning or accessibility charges to be tacked on at a later date. This is a very important differentiator that sets UofL apart from other institutions.

The CCNE Accredited, RN-BSN online program, provides the opportunity for working nursing professionals who currently hold an associate degree in nursing to earn their bachelor’s degree at a reputable research university. This program requires students to pay for 31 core nursing credits, plus textbooks, with no other additional fees. In fact, this program offers valuable, cost-saving incentives, including 30 tuition-free credit hours for new students who create a professional portfolio, financial aid for online students, and tuition discounts for members of the military and the KY National Guard. Also, the lack of hidden fees means far less out-of-pocket expenses for students with tuition reimbursement programs through their employers, who often do not cover miscellaneous additional fees.

The cost for the online RN-BSN program at the University of Louisville is one of the most affordable in the state and in the nation. Also, the online program costs the same, regardless of whether a student lives in or out of state, thus providing equal access to excellent education for all students and not making tuition prohibitive for out-of-state students, as it is the practice at other schools.

While students enrolled in online nursing programs at other institutions may find themselves blindsided by hidden fees that were not immediately apparent, UofL’s online students need not worry about the monster under the bed (hidden fees) – they can rest easy in their choice of a quality and truly affordable online education, and focus on advancing their professional knowledge while simultaneously – and most importantly – utilizing their skills to help the patients in their care.

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